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Re: Oil/Volt gauges in 5kTQ?

L. Scott Oliver wrote:
> Has anyone installed oil/volt gauges in a 5kTQ?  I have the 3-gauge
> cluster (volt, pressure, temp) from a 4000 and want to mount the gauges
> somewhere in my 5kTQ.  I hear that Ned at IA has them sitting atop his
> dash in a less-than-pretty setup.  I've seen someone's car in EC with
> them mounted in the ashtray slot, but that's even harder to see than the
> stock 4000 arrangement.  I'm considering sacrificing the left-most air
> conditioning vent for this purpose, but the mount fabrication looks tricky.
> Any experience, thoughts, or alternate locations?

In my previous 5000s I mounted two of them (oil and volt) in place of 4
blanks where other cars had trip computer (and maybe something else).
That required the removal of partitions between each pair of
horisontally adjacent ones. I also had to fabricate 2 black square
plastic inserts with the round holes in them in order to mount the round
gauges in the square openings. The finished look was very OEM and
location was perfect.

Igor Kessel
'89 200QT