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Re: 86 CD Turbo with Auto

At 05:54 AM 1/26/97 -0600, you wrote:
. There is leak down the front part of the engine
>which the owner says is the power steering pump.  There appears to be some
>wet stuff farther back as well just right of the engine when you are facing
>the car (slightly towards the drivers side).
Probly hyd pump or hose leak in front, rack leak in back - try squeezing the
boot around the rack.

  Is this tranny  or steering
>rack? The owner has apparently had it serviced regularly but has lived with
>the leak due to high cost of quote to fix.  The tranny oil is a light tan
>with just a hint of reddish color. Is this OK?

Should be pinkish red. Smell it - if it smells like grear oil, run away

> The owner has been adding Castrol power steering fluid to resovoir.  Is
this the right stuff for the
>Audi system? 
Nope - Pentosin or Lucas mineral oil. PS fluid will ruin every seal in the
Rack - about 350.00 rebuilt
Pressure accumulator - about 260.00
New pump - about 175.00 rebuilt
Hoses - about 170.00 total
brake thingy behind the master cylinder - 700.00 new, I believe about 250.00

Depends on what you call expensive...   :-)

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