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RE: V8 quattro, 200 quattro, 90 quattro, quattro coupe

At 10:56 AM 1/24/97 -0800, Peter Henriksen wrote:
>of reasons: they're a good conversation piece and I've heard from
>another lister with 275hp in his non-UFO 91 200q that it's now
>underbraked. I don't think that will happen with the very large swept

that would be me!  to be fair, my latest experiences (i.e. since IA stage 3)
are with Porterfield street pads which I don't feel have the same "bite" or
stopping power of the Pagid RS4-2 pads i used to have.  don't know how the
Porterfield track pads might compare.  also keep in mind that folks such as
Eric, Scott, and a few others on the list have equally high HP cars with the
conventional brakes--albeit with other brake pads.

2 pennies.
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