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Re: Tire Sizes 9020v, CQ20v

Glenn lawton posted this:

Section	Aspect	Wheel	Side	Side	Overall
width	Ratio	Dia	Wall	Wall	Diameter
mm	  inches	mm	inches	inches

>195	60	14	117.0	4.6	23.2 stock on the 4kq
>>205	55	14	112.8	4.4	22.9 my 4kq tires
>>205	50	15	102.5	4.0	23.1 upgrade? TireRack sale!!

but Bob D'Amato told me this:

>Hi paul. On the 20V if you go with 205 16's you have to go to 45 series
>tire. If you go with the 50, it will be too big. I didnt think it would
>be too big, but I did this on my wife's 20V and it rubs. I have the 45's
>on mine, with 35mm offset and they are fine.

Ok guys, now I'm really confused...it would appear from Glenn's
that I'm safe with the 205/50 15s which I had planned on....but Bob owns
one of these (90 90Q20v)
so I figure he oughta know.  I'd really like to avoid going down to the 45s
several reasons (city driving, expense, minimal positives going from 50s to
Anyone else out there got an opinion?  Bob, is your 90 still stock, ie:
could anything
else you've done to the car make those tires rub or is it just the net
effect of the
35 MM offset pushing the tires towards the outside of the car?

Glenn also said:

>>Anyone else have a comment? Bob, Paul what were your stock tire sizes?

My 90 90Q20v came with the "lace" BBS rims and 195/60/14s.
Also....Glenn: What "Tire Rack" sale??????