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John Legelis Wrote:

>I was driving around Boston yesterday (no Patriots jokes, please), and
>came across what appeared to be a stock A4Q 2.8, except for the fact
>that the only badges on the car were front and rear Audi Motorsport
>badges on which 'S4' was subtly engraved.  Was this just a case of
>'badge engineering' (a la BMW 325i's with M3 badges all over them)? 
>Also, how are A4s equipped in Europe - is there really and S4 package?

	I live in DC, but was up in Mass on business (Framingham actually, a
suburb of Boston) and we went out to eat at the Bugaboo Creek Steak House.
I saw what I think is the same car. It was pre the 1.8T in the country so
it must be a 2.8, but it was basically a regular A4 with S4 badging from
the S series of the 100. I thought it was pretty clever actually, and if I
had a 1.8T heavily tuned I would consider adding the badges myself. 
	Small world though...atleast for us Audi Geeks:)