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Re: A4 1.8T vs Neon?

Long quote to make a point: This snipping has made me look like a power
Look at my automotive history...
74 Super Beetle... 45 sooper HP
83 5000s auto...   100 hp
80 MGB...          60 on a good day
88 5000s quattro... 130 on good fuel

Add these cars up and you have a Camaro z28! (Im counting negative
horses on the beetle and autotranny... making 300hp together)

Had Audi made the 4 cyl any more powerful, then it would probably cost
several thousand more. Im glad the 1.8 is available at $5000 below the
2.8. Everyone in the know figures the 1.8 to be the 'tuners' car. 
And 150 hp to this depraved individual is a real load. 

Peter Henriksen wrote:
> Curious equation that: 150hp == "wimpmobile"...
> Non-turbo Audis have not exactly been fountains of power in the past and
> that's been with much more weight than the A4 1.8T (witness the mid-80's
> non-turbo 100s which had, what?, 102hp to lug around 3500+lbs of car.
> It's not in the total power, but rather in how it's implemented that you
> need to look. There, and in the fact that with a turbo, 200hp is just a
> (fairly) small dip in the wallet away and 300 is reasonably attainable.
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> >As far as what posessed Audi to bring the 150 whimpmobile to the US?
> >Entry level models to compete with the bmw 318 (134hp????? What was bmw
> >thinking?)
> >
> >I would also hope that Audi knows its loyal turbo quattro fans would has
> >revolted had there been a model year without a turbo quattro!
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> >Jason Palmer
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