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Re: Pulling to right '93-95 90 Quattro

My 1993 90CS, pulled to the right from day one.  After five trips to the
dealer, I contacted the area factory rep. The rep was initially somewhat
co-operative, and decided that " one more wheel alignment done correctly"
 would cure the problem.  After  the third or the fourth alignment, the rep
proclaimed the car was really fixed,  and noted that the tires were defective
and/or worn out.( Guess what is not covered by Audi's warranty.)
A Goodyear dealer and an independent tire store  inspected the tires, and
agreed that the tires were not at fault. The car still pulls to the right.
My experiences with the dealer, the factory rep, and Audi's consumer
department have been consistently unsatisfactory.  I've gone back to a BMW.
Frank G
P.S. The bad wheel bearings, faded paint, inoperative turn signals, poor
engine response,
defective A/C compressor, power steering leaks, 20k mile brake pads and
rotors, ect.
prompted the same response--initiallly deny a problem and hope the cusumer
will go away. Secondly, blame the problem on someone else like the customer,
the tire company, ect. Thirdly, attempt to fix the problem.  Fourth, tell the
customer, "they all do that"