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Re: Audi of America Dream Lineup

>Chrysler has really deep pockets and can afford a few loss leaders.  BMW 
>sells in excess of 100,000 units in the US every year.

>Poor old Audi just got itself above 20,000 for the first time in a long 
>time in '96 based mainly no the strength of the A4.  Also remember that 
>the government requires lots o' tests for just about every 
>engine/body/tranny configuration.

Aye -- I don't think Audi will do that even on home territory (okay,
close... very close...). But face it, U.S. is considered as a major market
for MB and BMW. But Audi ain't one. I'll be coo-cooed if they need to
crash 1/4 of numbers of cars they sell here.

Another thing -- you don't sell "top" cars like, um, Neons. (^: If
Chrysler mass-produced Viper (or Prowler), the impact level to the
consumers deminish. It sounds really stupid, but 'tis one of the human
nature. Whoever heard someone DESIRES and LUSTS after Neons anyway?

Also about the engine configuration -- I don't think dropping the same
engine into all the bodies available will help in the real world. I bet
for a particular engine, the cheapest configuration will sell. Even here,
I'd say ideal of being unique needs to be practiced to make each model and
config to sell. If the Chrysler V10 is available in Neon (with equal price
drop), would you even by that clunko Viper?

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