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Re: Horn repair with airbag

Disclaimer:  Messing with airbags is dangerous.  They are actuated by 
a sensitive, high velocity, propellant.  Various kinds of harm can 
befall the untrained.  The force is inversely proportional to the 
square of the distance from the explosive.  The following is inferred 
from my Bentley for 88-91 80/90s.

If one insists on messing with the airbag equiped steering wheel, 
please, please, pleeeze disconnect the airbag power connector located 
under a panel in the knee bolster below the steering wheel.  It 
reputedly has red wires.  Removing the rear seat bottom and 
disconnecting the power supply and charge storage modules might be 
advisable.  (Reconnect them before reconnecting the power connector.)  
Wear ear and eye protection.  Gloves and a welding apron wouln't hurt. 
 Stay out of the path of the bag.  Check your health insurance.  Be 
gentle opening the assembly.  If you succeed with your repair, thank 
the good folks at the Joan Claighborne/Ralph Naader Institute of Child 
Decapitation for their contribution to society.

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