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Re: 210's vs Hoka NRW's

Eric Harman wrote:
  For me
> I think a true snow tire is a necessity since both cars are only
> front wheel drive and I do a bit of skiing.  I think, though, that
> with the amount of driving I do in the dry and in the rain, rain,
> rain I needed a true snow tire that is more performance oriented,
> perhaps the Pirelli 210 or an equivalent. 

Good point. What you want out of a tire should be the deciding factor. 
Here at 7000' in the snowy Wasatch, I want ultimate grip in the snow. 
I'm therefore willing to sacrifice dry & rain performance. Two friends 
(OK, one friend & one acquaintance) here have 210s on their Hoppen S6 
wagons. We haven't done a side-by-side comparison yet, but my money, 
were I a betting man, would be on the 210 in the dry and the Yoko in 
the snow. BTW, my wife had studded Semperit Top Grips on her 80q 
before switching to Blizzaks, and the Blizzaks are considerably