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Audi of America Dream Lineup

	Okay I realize that my AoA Dream Lineup is just that but let me state a
few things along this thread.
	ME TOO marketing and BMW - I know that some of the cars suggested for the
AoA linup are me too cars (the A3 a glaring member of that group as is the
S4). Still, some ideas are worth copying. Other ideas, like the RS5 minivan
IMHO are completely different and could help to build Audi's image. The
fact of the matter is that BMW does treat America as a major market. AoA
does not. That is clear. BMW also offeres excellent engine selection, wheel
and package selection. Audi does not. I am not a bimmer fan, but an audi
fan who wants more, as it seems that alot of you are too.
	Chrysler, Viper and V10 Neons - First the Viper is an image car. It is a
Q-ship and a styling leader for the whole Dodge line. Some of you may not
be Chrysler experts, I am, BTW they are getting more and more respectable
every day. Look at an Intrepid or an Avenger. Styling in these two cars is
probably the most blatantly close to the Viper. The Viper makes the image
the Neon makes the $$$ no questions involved about that transaction. If the
A8 is our image car it's a little too understated. An RS4 would jump out
and bite the A4 1.8T buyer more than the A8 will. People don't just buy
cars they buy the image too. Why do you think the Z3 sells, and why would
BMW (marketing wizards by the way, atleast in comparison to VWAG) would
drop millions of dollars to get a 5 minute clip of James Bond driving their
car in a movie when the thing is slower than molasses and the 2.8 version
was months away from production?
	VWAG vs. BMW AG vs Mercedes Benz AG- of all of these companies VW has the
most resources and sells the most cars. Why then do they not treat the US
seriously with either of the two brands (VW and Audi) they now sell in the
	RS Design - What Audi and Porsche need to do here is build an image. This
line of cars could easily be Audis image cars. An RS4, RS5 and RS6 would
win alot of hearts if not sell alot of RS cars. It would howver sell A and
S cars. They would need to invest in the feeling of exclusivity and perhaps
accessories lines. This would be IMHO upmarket from the M cars. As for
market there are plenty of people with $$$ who do own Porsches and would
love something more practical. Imagine a commercial where a Ferrari is
driving on the Autobahn and is passed by an RS5 minivan equipped with
roofrack and Porsche design mountain bikes. 
	I'll get off my soapbox for the moment.