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Re: MB vs RR

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Dave Lawson wrote:

> Dave,
> >
> smoother motor, more power, more low down torque and better gearing, revised
> suspension to further decrease understeer, better brakes and lower miles on the
> car you purchase.  oh and lower maintenance costs....

They seem a lot smoother to me. Also less turbo lag (or so it seems anyway)
> A few questions here: 
> better gearing? were the ratios revised for the 20V turbo ur-q? I'm not aware of
> this.

Well if they do different speeds in each gear, the ratios must of been 
> revised suspension? I have heard that some 20V turbo ur-qs came with cast 

Not sure on the suspension set up.
> better brakes? The MB ur-qs got the 2 piston front calipers and I'm not aware
> of the 20V turbo ur-qs getting anything different. What does yours have?
I thought they had the same brakes as well.

Anyone wanna swap for an S2 ;-)

Michael Burton
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