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Re: Pulling to right '93-95 90 Quattro

> > My younger brother has a '95 90 Quattro that has pulled to the right since
> > he bought it 15 months ago (it had been sitting at the port for some reason
> > and he got a great deal because it was the previous model year).  Before he
> > bought it, I told him to specifically ask if it had been damaged in any way
> > and if there was any mechanical reason it was sitting in the port. 
> He might wanna check the right Caster (compare it to the left one). The
> car could have been whacked in the RF wheel without any wisible damage.
> If thats the case, he's gonna need a frame machine.

They pull right with the caster in spec!  My 95 90Q finally drove straight
with the caster way out of spec... caster can be adjusted by shoving the
subframe around and/or rotating the ball joint according to the TSB.

My final theory was that the rear was drifting left... rather than the
front going right.  Once the car went straight, it still felt strange...
kind of like it was fighting itself.