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Re: A4 wheel and performance

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Your Bud Wes wrote:

> Does anyone know what the bolt pattern in inches/MM's is for
> the wheels and what the recess may be?

The A4 guys will probably answer this with more authority, but I tihnk it 
is 5x112mm like all 5-lug Audis.   Not sure about the offset.

> Anyone out there with A4 turbos that can give me some performance
> tips? I have an ECU/Pipe/Intake in the works. What have you got?

I looked at the turbo at the Detroit auto show, and I would think that an 
upgraded turbo might be great bang-for-the-buck (interms of performance, 
hopefully not engine noise:-)   That exhaust turbine was barely any 
bigger than the bearing section of the turbo!

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