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Re: Brake Pad for Street and Track

Everyone seems to have fierce opinions on this subject, so I tread lightly
into the fray....my opinions come from much experimentation on two 90q's,
identically matched, that I put sets of different pads on and then swapped
back and forth between them.  To make a long story short, I vote for Cool
Carbons because:

o They stock them for the 90q's (unlike a lot of apps that only have the
o They are acceptable when cold, unlike some other carbon-based compounds.
They are awesome when warmed up and combined with slotted/drilled rotors.
For me, excellent for street and track.

o They are not cheap.
o The prodigious dust they produce adheres to wheels better than some paint
I've used.
o They don't last very long in the front.
o You MUST break them in correctly, preferably with new rotors.

Bottom line - although the cost and mess are a pain, they have saved my butt
while street driving twice in the last year (once to miss a deer, and once
to miss an a**hole).  Worth it in my book.  YMMV a lot...........SLM

At 01:48 PM 1/27/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>     Spring is on the way...and it's time for some decisions...here's my
>     I seem to recall from some past posts that "Pagid Yellows" scored well
>with listers as good brake pads that I could get away with on both the
>track (driving/safety schools) and on the street.  I'm looking for opinions
>on whether the following holds true for the Pagid Yellows:
>I want a pad that will stop a heavy car like my 90Q20v at the track without
>going away to fast.  I'd also like to know that I can go to get groceries
>without having to worry about whether I'll be able to stop at ordinary red
>lights if you get my four wheel drift.  It would also be nice if the pads
>weren't too tough on the rotors....and while I'm at it, I may have to
>change rotors soon...recommendations?
>Any and all information/opinions is greatly appreciated in advance.
>Paul Royal

Steve Manning:	stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
.....Mainly Mopars, two '88 Audi 90Q's (they're both back!!!), other stuff