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Watch OUT - Airbag exploding!!!

A couple of people have recently made quiet inquiries to 
the list asking about steering wheel removal/replacement/
fixes etc.  To which they have received some dire warnings
from some Chicken-Little types quothing how these innocents
will probably get their hands/heads blown off, taking half a city 
block with them ... etc, etc.

Come on guys ... get a grip.  I agree that basic precautions 
should be taken, but you go a bit far with your quotes of 
"pyrotechnics" (after all I, and I'd hazard many others, enjoy
setting off "pyrotechnic" fireworks).  If airbags were THAT
unstable, I wouldn't even get behind the wheel!  These things
are designed not to be eggshell fragile.  Many folks on the list
would think nothing of fixing fuel tanks/hoses/pumps which
are probably more unstable and certainly contain much more
explosive energy!

Now just a moment while I put on my armored Nomex suit
before I go remove my Audi (mandatory) horn pad and then 
read the responses to this!

-Mark Quinn