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RE:Synthetic Oil & Stuff

In a note date 1/27/97 Avi Meron writes:
>>The above is commonly done with large industrial engines, the bypass filter
is big, and the main filter is the size of 55gallon drum. The only time the
oil is changed (on some of the applications) is during an engine rebuild.<<

There are 2 such engines across the street from my window-they run back-up
electrical power generators for a semiconductor fab plant...we have very poor
power reliability in this area and these engines run continually so that
these generators are able to come on-line within fractions of a second of a
power outage. My understanding is that large marine engines operate the same
way. Not wishing to add fuel to the (oil) fire...but in this case, Avi knows
of which he speaks!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (with oil changed every 3k, engine off thank you!)