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FS: '90 90q20v Sedan (970)

I'll keep it short.  Since we've gotten the A4, and are going to be selling
the 90.  We just got it all detailed and it looks incredible.  Red paint
(virtually no scratches, a couple of chips on the nose), grey leather
interior.  Has the 20 valve engine, and a Sony 10 disc changer.  Will list
in the local paper for $11K, book value is $12K with $1250 deduction for
high miles, however that doesn't account for the $500 CD changer that was
installed last year.

The car is in Fort Collins, CO.  If somone on the list is interested, I
will offer it for $9500 (I should have no problem selling it for $10K,
and have another person who's interested but can't pay more than $8K).

The car looked so good after a detailing, the dealer we took it in to to
see if they were interested in taking it on a consignment asked me
"How long ago did you have the paint done."  I explained to him that
we've had it 2 years and hadn't had it painted, and didn't think the
previous owner had it painted either.  "Why, did you find some over-spray?
The detailer said he didn't see any."  The guy spent 20 minutes looking
for over-spray...  :-)

If you're interested, drop me a line.

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