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5K parts & mod fiche

To all owners of 5K Turbo/Wagon Quattro,
I have the following PARTS fiches:
Audi 5000:
Turbo/Wagon Quattro Mod. 86-88 dated 1989 part No. 097.7500.39.21
Turbo Mod. 84-88 dated 1992 Part No. 000.7500.12.21
The above are Audi OEM fiches
I found a source to print them on paper, who is interested?
I  am estimating between $25-50 each fiche, depends how many are
interested. Please let me know and if I have enough requests I will have it
printed on paper 8.5x11 
E mail me direct
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq
I am not always the devil's advocate, but never one to miss an