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Re: Audi of America Dream Lineup

Linus Toy Wrote:

> Dream is the operative word.  You've just spec'd  some three dozen
> body style/engine combinations.  and that doesn't include the option of
> slush vs. tiptronic vs. manual.  (BMW has maybe half that many).

BMWoA  Engine and Tranny Choices:
840 Ci, 850ci, 750iL, 740iL, 740i , 540i, 528i, M3 Coupe, M3 Sedan, 328i
sedan, 318i sedan, 328is coupe, 318is coupe, 318ti compact, 328iC
cabriolet, 318iC cabriolet, Z3 2.8, Z3 1.9
	This listing is from BMWs 1997 Autoshow catalogue. I think the 740i is a
shorter 7 series but am not sure. If so this makes 18 chassis engine
setups. I know you can add in another 11 models on 3 series stick shift
cars and if the 5 get's manual as well that's another 2. I'm guessing 7 and
8 series cars only get auto and not counting Bimmer's new auto manual
tranny. That is 31 different existing BMW setups from a company that sells
less cars than VW worldwide (counting Rover and Land Rover).

AoA Engine and Tranny Choices:
A4 2.8, A4 1.8T, A6 2.8, A6 Avant 2.8, A8 3.2, A8 4.?. When you count stick
shift they all get it except the A8 so that is a whopping 10 different
current setups. I bet bimmer is shaking in thier boots. If you count
Quattro. I don't know that I have too. I didn't count Bimmer's with
traction control.

AoA Dream Lineup Edited and hopefully more realistic:
A4 2.8, A4 1.8T, A5  2.8 Minivan SWB (short wheel base), A5 TDI SWB, A5 2.8
30V LWB (long wheel base), A5 3.2 LWB, A6 2.8, A6 Avant 2.8, A6 2.8 30V, A6
2.8 30V Avant, A8 3.2, A8 4.?, S4 2.8 30V Twin turbo, S6 4.?, RS4, RS5,
RS6. That makes 17. Add 10 more and you have manual transmissions in all
but the A8s and A5s. I'm counting a tiptronic in the S and RS cars as well
as manual. That makes 27. We have 4 more to go if you compare directly to
bimmer. How about a TT 1.8 turbo quattro and TT 1.8 fwd. Then throw in an
automatic in both and you have 31. I dropped a few choices from my linup
like the A3 and coupe and cabriolet versions of the A4 (expensive to
develop anyway). Also not Porsche could foot some of the bill federalizing
RS cars if they are to be sold also through Porsche dealers. 
	If you consider that future BMW plans will probably include an M5 or a 5
series wagon then you have about 4 more options to make Audi equal. 
	I hate to compare so closely to Bimmer, but though I like Audi cars better
I have to admit that BMW markets their cars better than VWAG does. VW
builds great cars but can't market. It's all in how you package them. 

>  Ain't
> gonna happen that way.  Given that these models would be unique to the N.
> American market, Audi's current sales levels in N. America, they'll never

Why would they limit the models to the US only. I bet Europe, South Africa
and Japan would be chomping at the bit for Audi variations...even the
dreaded minivan which looks like it'll see the light of day regardless. I
bet they could sell quite a few RS cars in Germany. The 911 is Germany's
and europe's muscle car. Ford sells a bunch of Mustangs, but also a bunch
of SVT Tauruses, and F150s with Explorers and Contours on the way. These
image cars do fairly well in home markets.

> I think this
> is a case of pick your battles, one or two at a time; can't win the the
> whole war at once.
Agreed, they can't do it all at once, but their baby steps confuse me. VW
wants Audi to have a similar image to BMW in the US, but more bang for the
buck. I can see that, but I do not understand why there is emphasis on
bringing in cars that will not bring in a mainstream image like the A4
Avant. You can bet VW will build a Passat Station wagon and in the station
wagon market at that level price is the name of the game. Wagon owners are
not as image concious as Sedan owners. It is really easy to see the
possibility of the Passat wagon cannibalizing the A4 Avant. The Passat will
cost the same but will be bigger and based on the A6. Hmmmm.
	Thanks for the input. I know this could not happen over night, but then
again neither did BMW. BTW I respect BMW as a phenomenal car manufacturer,
I just prefer Audi like you all. What I don't like about BMW is the
pretentiousness of ownership.