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Re: V8 Owners=Insane?

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, WARATAP@aol.com wrote:
>Ben writes:
><< ...and I want to know how Audi gets away with these prices?! Actually, I 
> want to know how you guys deal with the prices of these parts. These cars
> make UrQ's look like Yugo's!!!!
>  Example: Distributor cap: $179x2!!! Rotor is NOT available. Top end
> gasket set: $489.00!! $417 for the three timing belt tensioners. $350 for
> a water pump???....are they joking?
>   My questions are as follows: Where do you V8 owners get your parts

I have been able to buy caps and rotors (not replaceable, so audi says) in 
Milwaukee, in stock, and over the after market counter.  Not cheap, no, but 
how many caps & rotors do you change in the life of the car?  I paid about $50 
each for caps and $30 for rotors that are not easy to change.  Is there some 
reason why folks think that tensioners need changing?  Yes, collision head, 
but changing expensive parts cause they might wear out can get overdone.  I 
changed belts myself and tensioners can be checked relatively easily, without 
major disassembly.  My car has +130K miles on it and has been very reliable.  
Quirky now and then in the cold, but it has never stranded me.  Best car I've 
ever used or owned, and love it!  

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