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Allignment Hell!

    After all my hassle with having the car alligned at the dealership, I   
still have a bit of problem with it pulling.  The car does feel much   
better than it did.  So on a whim, I decided to have them fax me the   
specs from the allignment machine and low and behold they only did a   
front wheel allignment.  Boy I am pissed!  How many times did I say a   
FULL allignment?  God these people are idiots!  So now I asked them what   
it would cost to have them finish the job, and they had the gall to tell   
me that they originally could not finsh the job due to the state of the   
rear suspension (too rusted!?!)  They are going to call me back with   
specific details of the rust problem but I think since there was no   
mention of it, I am justifiably pissed off.
    Regradless of who ends up finishing the allignment I thought I would   
share the specs I have so far.  These are the readouts from the dealer:

       Front:        Left:                              Right:
Camber             -0.38                             -0.47
Cross Camber                  -0.10
Caster                NA                                NA
Cross Caster                      NA
Toe                   -0.02                             -0.02
Total Toe                          -0.04

To all you performance Q'ers:  since I am going to have it back on the   
allignment rack, any specs that I should have changed?  Looking for a   
very good on center feel.

Robert Dupree
'87 5000CS Quattro (still dog tracking evidently...)