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Alternator whine on RADIO

     This ones for the Audiophiles in the group:

     Just installed an aftermarket radio in my 86 5KCSTQ. I used the
     factory speakers and hooked directly to the factory wiring for them
     including the rears with the Audi amp.

     I get a tremendous amount of engine speed dependent alternater whine
     through the unit.  I tried powering and grounding the unit directly at
     the battery...no change.  I installed a quality noise supressor in
     line with the power from the battery....no change.  I tried replacing
     the altenator with a rebuilt Bosch unit....no change.

     In a last attempt I removed the belt to see what the difference
     was...much better (no more high pitched whine) with a hint of engine
     spark noticable (I think I need new plug wires anyway. Next week).

     The factory radio had a bit of whine also before I removed it but due
     to the low power amp it was more tolerable.

     ANY ideas??  I've been tuneless for a month and am going crazy:-s


     Brian Vinson
     86 5Kcstq w/o any tunes...