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Re: vt mechanics

Dan Simoes wrote:
> just noticed there are no vt mechanics on my list.
> Surely there are a few?  Thompson mentioned someone, I
> forget the name though.  Someone please submit a writeup,
> and this goes for all states as well.
> --
> Dan Simoes                                dans@ans.net
> ANS                             http://coimbra.ans.net/dans.html
> 100 Clearbrook Road                     (914) 789-5378 (voice)
> Elmsford, NY 10523                      (914) 789-5310 (fax)

I would like to recommend Larry's Service Center in Williston, VT.. 
Larry has always done an exceptional job taking care of my 5KCSQ.  Even
to the extent of working on a Saturday morning to complete a job so that
I could get my car back on time! Larry's quality of work has always been
excellent and the one problem that I had was taken care of immediately
with no questions.  He is also very helpful with tips on do it yourself
repairs.  For anyone interested, Larry also has a web page that he will
quote parts prices for your Audi, WMB, VW, or Merecedes. The URL is: 
http://members.aol.com/Partstore/audipart.html I have found his parts
prices to be reasonable.

The phone number is 802-658-1709

Stan Carter
88 5KCSQ
85 WMB 325e  (for sale)
94 Buick Roadmonster wagon