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Re: quattro-digest V4 #184

>>By the way anybody out there on the list from Vemont, I'd love to hear 
from you.
Sean  Houghton  
Colchester, Vermont

Sean, I'm down here in Bethel, just lurking on this here list, learning and
such. Just got my first '89 80q in Oct. Now it has 202K on the clock. And it
runs like a clock! Previously only drove Rovers (currently have 10, all sizes
and shapes), but this winter I'm zipping about in style! It was a bit
dis-orienting getting used to non-solid axles, but I think I'm getting it
figured out now... It's living outside and tonight it will be -30F, but I bet
you it starts at first try tomorrow AM. Why didn't someone tell me about
these fine autos before???
Bethel, Vt.