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Re: Chrysler AWD sysetems

>From: "George S Achorn III" <coolidge@nicom.com>
>Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 12:26:01 -0500

>Keep in mind Subaru makes no claims against the Jeep other than gas mileage,
>they compare it to a Grand Cherokee V6 or V8 and not a Cherokee 4cyl.
>There's a big difference. The claims in handling they make are against the
>Blazer and stopping against the Explorer.

I believe one of the biggest differences to consider is the wheelbase
and frame.  If you compare the ride quality of the Outback against the
Jeep's, you will find a huge difference.  The Outback is a car, the Jeep
is a truck.  If, like 99% of the population, you never take your AWD/4WD
vehicle off-road, then I would (and did) stick with a car.  If you need
a truck, then don't get an Outback (or an Audi, for that matter).

>Just because Chrysler is not Audi does not mean that they deserve to be

Although I have not previously trashed Chrysler here, I have strong
reservations about American vehicles in general.  (Those have already
been widely discussed on this list.)  I think Chrysler still has
problems with the reliability issue, as is evidenced by them winning a
lot of awards and accolades for their new designs, and now just a couple
years later they can no longer be recommended by consumer advocates
because of "disturbing problems with reliability."

Mandatory Audi content:

Along this same line, I am anxious to see if Audi has improved in this
area also.  I have read the horror stories presented here of all the
problems and expense involved in owning and maintaining these beautiful
machines, and I am hoping that things have changed with the introduction
of the "A" cars.  I have never owned an Audi, but my next vehicle will
be an Audi A4 Avant if indeed they have improved.  I have read promising
articles that claim that reliability is no longer a problem with the
newer Audi's, so we shall see.  I thank you all for this forum where I
can be "in the know."  You are much appreciated!

Brent Lucas
'96 subaru legacy outback
'95 nissan 200sx se-r