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Re: 5000 ac programmer solenoids

> Help!
> Today I pulled out my AC programmer, did not find any oil-how much oil
> is there usually?  I tried pulling a vacuum from the manifold side with
> a hand pump, and one valve held vacuum, the other 3 slowly leaked away,
> at varying rates.Are the valves just on/off
> switching manifold vacuum to each servo, or do they vent to
> atmosphere-it appears they might.

The solenoids are 3 way valves:
1. Coil is not energized (default): OUT port is connected to atmosphere.
2. Coil is energized: OUT port is connected to the IN (vacuum) port.

> I know I'm beating this one to death, but does anyone know a way of 
> testing the vacuum solenoid valves in the a programmer?

1. Desolder the coil from the PC board (one terminal is enough) and
measure continuity of the coil.
2. If OK, energize the coil (a bench 12v power supply will do).
3. Apply vacuum to the OUT port. Vacuum should stay.
4. Deenergize the coil. Vacuum should drop.

> Also, I need 
> to know where to get replacement valves.  I don't feel like spending 
> $150+ for a rebuilt unit.

Get any unit from a bone yard(for like $20). Test all 4 valves. I betcha
there will be 2 or 3 good ones. Thansplant them onto your programmer.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ