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Re: A4 Euro vs. US performance?

The Euro A4Q 2.8 may be the 30valve version rated at 193hp.  Also, UK 
uses (I think) Imperial Gallon which is larger than the US Gallon hence 
more mileage.

From: John Legelis <jlegelis@fmrco.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 08:55:13 -0500
Subject: A4 Euro vs. US performance?

I was looking at an imported issue of the UK's 'CAR' magazine at my
local newstand.  Out of curiousity I turned to the section in the back
of the issue that contains specs on the entire Audi line, as well as
most other manufacturers.  In addition to there being listed a large
range of A4 configurations (boy, you European guys are spoiled for
choice!), I notices that the performance specs for the Euro 2.8Q were
'better' than the quoted specs I have for my US model.  For example:

      US 2.8Q       Euro 2.8Q
0-60     7.9             7.3      (both 5-speed)
economy  21/26           29
top speed 130            149      (US top speed electronically limited)

Are the Euro 2.8Q's really more powerful and more efficient?  I'm
assuming the Euro cars are equipped with catalytic converters.... What
else could account for the discrepency, other than bravado by the UK
Audi rep?

FWIW - The specs on the US 2.8 motor are 172bhp @ 5500, 184 lb-ft @
3000. Does anyone know the Euro specs??