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RE: NH Mechanic & 4kcsq front end noise?

Give Chris at Autobahn Motors (autobahn01@aol.com, 603.226.1810) in Bow
a shout. Top notch service with a smile.

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>From: 	Peter E. Tengstrand[SMTP:ptengstr@marsha.sanders.lockheed.com]
>Sent: 	Thursday, 30 January, 1997 04:38 PM
>To: 	Quattro mailing list
>Subject: 	NH Mechanic & 4kcsq front end noise?
>Hello all,
>I've just recently relocated southern New Hampshire and I was wondering if
>anyone could recommend a good mechanic in the area? I'm in the 
>Nashua/Manchester area but I don't mind driving a bit out of my way if the
>service is good. I've checked the archive on Q mechs in the area and they
>all seem to be in Massachusetts, strange for a state that seems to be so
>full of Audi's. 
>My other question is actually the reason for the first. My car is an '87 w/
>~190K miles on it. I know that it needs new springs (serious
>rear-end-sag) and struts and that some of the bushings are shot just to
>give a little background. I would like to have this work done soon. The
>problem is this: when traveling at highway speeds and making even a slight
>left-hand turn the car starts to make a noise that sounds like I'm driving
>over railroad tracks. Sometimes it feels like the car comes unglued from
>the road and other times it's fine. I have no problems turning right and
>nothing noticeable when going slower. What's the deal? 
>I'd like to have a handle on this before take my car in to be worked on so 
>I can tell the mech exactly what's going on and get it fixed when I take
>the car in for the other work. For all I know this is just a symptom of the
>bad springs etc. and will go away with the new parts. OTOH, maybe I
>should be looking for a new car ;)
>BTW, any suggestions on what other work should be done on the car while
>it's torn apart would be greatly appreciated.
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