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Re: Corroded Wheels!??

>In a message dated 97-01-24 09:45:01 EST, you write:
>    I was gone for 11 days, and upon my return I found that my tires where
> rather low on air. I took the Q out, and filled up the low tires. The next
> the RF was flat and the RR was 1/2 way there. I pumped up the tires and
> the car to where I purchased the tires. 
>    The monkey-lads working the counter took my car in and checked out the
> tires. When I picked it up, they said that they removed the tires from the
> wheels and discovered that "corrosion" was causing the beads to not seal
> properly. I said.. "huh"? He said that my wheels were old, paint peeling,
>etc,<<Stuff Deketed><<<<
>                                -Osman Parvez
>                                 89 200q (150K miles)
>                                 Siena College
>                                 Albany NY
>  >>
>He's totally correct.  I've got an 89 200QW - alloy wheels.  The tires were
>replaced four years ago.  They held air perfectly up to last year.  Then both
>rears started leaking caused by corrosion on the rims.  Only cure is to sand
>off the corrosion and then maybe use a sealer between the rim and tire.
> Isn't it nice to live in the salt belt?
>Chicago, IL

Funny-- Never had a problem with my '82 4ks Diesel alloy wheels having that

Jordan '90 90