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RE: California 4KSQ owners

Anton J. Gaidos, III writes:

> It seems here Ca. that the official line is we are losing 2 to 4% in
>mileage but everyone else you ask seems to
>think it is more like 10%.
> One rumor I've heard is that only a couple companies (Union 76)
>actually make the stuff because the refining process creates some
>extremely nasty by-products that play hell on the refining equipment.
I understand that most 'oxygenated' fuel contains ethanol as the
agent at around 10% by volume (YMMV).  As ethanol has less
'energy content' than regular gasoline, mileage will be lower.
However, if it IS only 10% ethanol, mileage could (should) not be
10% lower (ethanol DOES burn after all) so 2-4% would sound
right.  However, there may be more complex things at play here
with the knock & O2 feedback loops in modern computer-
controlled fuel inj systems, etc.

I can't see that there would be anything special about the refining
process for good ol' alcohol.  However, I've always been one for 
a good conspiracy theory, so I'll pass it on!

-Mark Quinn