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Re: Update to CFC-free AC compressor...

<<<  GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU (Daniel Hussy)  asked, in part:

   Do you have to change out the entire AC
   system, or just replace the compressor with this new (updated) type?
   And, if not, can an AC compressor be repaired?  And, just out of
   curiousity, how  much would an OEM AC compressor for an Audi
   5kTQ cost?  Any info on this topic would be appreciated.  TIA.  >>>>>

<<  And on 97-01-31 03:15:02 EST, phwomp@cosmoslink.net (Meron) writes:

  It's a bit involved to convert to the new refrigerant, close to $1K,  >>

To which I respond (in addition to the specific post with the Audi Technical
Bulletin info):

Like a lot of generalizations, Mr. Meron's is too general.  The parts
reqiured are trivial, providing that there is nothing broken in your R-12
based system.  For the do-it-yourselfer, the cost shoud consist of labor at
your usual trivial rate, a selection of seals and O-rings, new compressor oil
compatible with R-1134a, and a retrofit kit appropriate to your compressor.

Good luck.