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Re: Urq Wheels

>You have probably all seen the latest TSW wheel, the "IMOLA".  This looks
>to me to be the closest pattern to the OEM wheels that I have yet seen. 

OZ has recently introduced the "Super Touring" model and it looks an awful
lot like both the OEM wheel as well as the ones on the SuperTouring A4Qs ...
available in 8x17 but don't know the offsets.  If I didn't have a set of
Compomotive MOs already on hand, I'd definitely consider buying a set of
them for my '85 Ur-Q.

>If the 17 X 8 will fit, what size tyres would be optimum.

This is tough since the only one that comes close to the OEM diameter is a
215/40-17 ... not a lot wider than stock.  In europe, Yokohama offers a
245/35-17 in the A510 model that seems interesting but I don't know much
about these tires and they're not readily available here in the US in any event.

I'll be running 215/45-17s on 8x17s but only because I got the tires (Dunlop
SP-8000s) free!  I will probably switch to a 215/40-17 when they wear out...

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