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A few Ur-Q questions...

In the (possibly misguided) hope that my '85 Ur-Q will prove to be an
overdog in the SCCA's G-Stock class this year, I have been going through the
car carefully to make absolutely sure it's legal ... not an easy task with
the paucity of technical information available for them.

Anyway, I have the following questions and haven't been able to get answers
to them:

1) How much boost do these cars run?  The technical lit from Audi shows a
chart that plots boost v. temp. and suggests that 9.5 to 10.0psi is the
appropriate range for the temps I've been experiencing lately.  I've been
monitoring my car's boost level by tapping into the pressure line to the ECU
and get a max of 9.5psi in third gear, a bit less in second ... this is a
bit lower than the Audi chart suggests and quite a bit less than the 12.6psi
I've seen mentioned in the various reviews of the Ur-Q that appeared in the
US press.  Naturally, I'd like to run as much boost as I legally can ... any
input as to exactly what that figure might be?

2) Does the '85 Ur-Q have different gearbox ratios than the earlier cars?  I
haven't been able to track down the ratios for the 'box in the car but based
on my experience, I'd say 3rd gear seems a bit shorter than the 1.36 I've
seen claimed or it ... I know the 1.48 3rd gear was available in some 4kqs
and I have a hunch this 'box is the one installed in my car.  Any input?

3) Under the plastic bumper covers, my car has the big, thick (and heavy)
aluminum bumpers ... I have heard a rumor that the lighter bumpers used on
the '84 4kq are a direct replacement for these and were installed on a few
of the later '85s by the factory.  Has anyone else heard of/done this swap?

4) My ECU doesn't have a serial number stamped/printed on it but clearly
hasn't been modified ... I suspect it was replaced under warranty at some
point.  Also, on the board inside, it's marked with "ver 2.2" ... what was
this?  I know there were "ver. 1" and "ver. 2" boards but I haven't heard
anything about a "ver. 2.2" one.  If I'm ever protested, I'm sure the first
target will be the ECU so I want to make absolutely sure mine is legal; as
such, any input will be appreciated.

Lastly, since I had the ECU out last weekend, I played around with Paul
Timmerman's kit ... nice improvements in performance!  Too bad that swapping
it in-and-out is too much work with my '85 dash since I'd like to have more
power while driving it on the street in between events.  Oh, well... 


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