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Re: Urq Wheels

John C. wrote:
> You have probably all seen the latest TSW wheel, the "IMOLA".
> Given that the all the OEM wheels have a 45mm offset according to Bentley?,
> ...85s had the wheel arches rolled to accommodate the 8 X 15 wheel options.

Yeah, the Imola looks pretty nice, but DTD doesn't have them on their
web page, and Superbuy's ad says 16 and 18", not 17".
The Bentley is wrong, check the recent archives. The 15x8 Ronals are
The factory rolled the fenders for the 15x8, and you can do it to
earlier ones.

Don't know about 17", but I have 225/45-16 on 16x8x35, so it looks like
215/40-17 or 225/40-17 will fit fine.

Section	Aspect	Wheel	  Side	Side	Overall	
width	Ratio	Diameter  Wall	Wall	Diameter	
mm		inches	  mm	inches	inches	
215	50	15	107.5	4.2	23.5	Stock
225	45	16	101.3	4.0	24.0	Common
215	40	17	86.0	3.4	23.8	Your
225	40	17	90.0	3.5	24.1	Choice

The fender rolling is necessary with the lower offset, as the ET24 is
towards the fender lip than the ET35. With the 16x8x35 I get no fender
rubbing with 225s, just a minute BEEP under hard track cornering
on the INSIDE, touching the control arm bushing.