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Re: Wheels/Tires for 4kq

John Eickerman wrote:
> ...P700Z...quality?...14s to 15" offset?

I have P700zs on the urq, and while I only have a few thousand 
miles on them I can assure you they are a TOP TOP TOP
notch performance tire, still good in wet, but get yourself
some snows, as I don't think there be enuf grip.

Paul Royal just bought the sale P700z, and is buying
an extra set for inventory, so he'll have them for next time too.

I bought last night from Discount Tire Direct a set of
the P700z 205/50-15 on 15x7x35 MB6 (check out ad in EC, I think
their web page has a broken link to the MB6 picture)

($71/tire+$99/wheel)*4 +shipping+lugs+locks=$746 wow!!!

I'm going to put these on the 4kq, and I think the offset
will be just fine. If you want to gamble that this deal will
be available in a month, I'll be glad to tell you how they
fit, but I don't think you should wait.

OK, let's talk offset.

Stock is 195/60-14 on 14x6x45

If you go to 15x7x45, then the extra inch of wheel width
splits evenly between inside and outside. Unfortunately,
the selections of ET45 wheels is nil.

So, if you go to ET35, and the rim is 1inch=25.4mm wider,
then the 45-35=10mm shift outward is just about the same
as the 25.4/2=13mm width change, so the rim is now closer
to the inside of the car by a measly 3mm.

Toward the fender side, you are not worried about the rim, but 
the tire edge. It is going to move out by the offset shift,
which is 45-35=10mm, plus half the change in tire width,
which is 205-195=10mm/2 = 5mm.

Therefore, the tire will be further out by 15mm=0.6 inches.
Go outside and look. I'm convinced, and the DTD guy said
so too, that it will fit fine, so I ordered them.

Check out the descriptions of the P700z on the tirerack and
Discount Tire Direct pages at:

Hope this helps