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RE:California 4KSQ owners

In a note dated 1/30/97 Willie Fong asks:

<snip> In the past I've been getting about 26mpg on the freeway and 20mpg in
the city, and 23.5mpg combined, approximately. The last couple of months, my
freeway mpg has come down to 21.5.<snip>The timing and air/fuel mixture is
dead on, and there are no vaccum leaks and the car is still getting 21.5mpg
on the freeway!<<

>>Question, has any other CA owner experienced any of this?<<

YES!!! Read my recent post regarding this subject.

>>Could the new formulate fuel in CA be the problem?<<

That is what I think...

>>Have been told that the new formulation could cause leaks in the fuel line
of older cars. Any thoughts?<<

My fears too-thankfuly unfounded so far. Of course I now panic every time I
get a whiff of fuel oder (as in from gas stations and other cars so
far...said while kneeling towards the old country and saying nice things to
the Audi gods).

>>This is the first winter i've owned the car, but it only gets into the low
20's on the coldest night. Think the weather could explain my problem?<snip>

I doubt it, but I only know enough about FI to be dangerous, certainly not an
expert. Bottom line, I think it is pay more and get less. Thank you CARB for
RFG II. Of course you are close enough to Nevada to fill up there and see if
there is a change, then you can let us know results of real-world comparison.
Meanwhile, any comments from folks near Stateline, Mark???

Mike Veglia
4ksq (running fine but getting crappy mileage with CA. RFG II)