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Re: I want more bass

Regarding speaker upgrades, I don't thing you will be able to get
Earth-shattering bass by simply replacing speakers. You need to either:
1: install a subwoofer box in the back of the wagon--- VERY FUN!
2: cut and produce bigger speaker openings, and, in turn, install larger

I am not familiar with the A6 wagon's setup, but If you want bass (A lot
more) the only solution is bigger speakers-- it is a simple fact.

If you still think a simple same-size upgrade will be adequate, wait until
april, when the new models come out and the old stuff is put on closeout.

There is no bigger ripoff than a factory stereo.

Ted Harlan
Denon 930 in-dash cd with Denon 10-disc changer. Infinitys all around in
the factory openings. The quality of sound is superb, the amount of sound
is satisfactory. I must be growing up.