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Re: Fuel Pump Bees

My 5k's FP has integral screen at bottom of housing.  To clean screen
you pull the pump. Replaced my somewhat buzzy FP at 130K in process
of troubleshooting other stuff and due to general paranoia. (I may need
AAA-Plus for many 5k-esque reasons, but, doggone it, it won't be the
fuel pump!) The screen was as clean as a whistle. The bottom of the tank
was nice and clean too.  Apparently very little trash accumulation in 9
years in this case.

On: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 09:44:53 -0800 Steven Buchholz wrote:
>I see some people talking about replacing a fuel pump simply because it
>makes a lot of noise.  I know that for the cars with the pump outside of 
>the tank there is a TSB that talks about a filter screen at the inlet to 
>the pump that can cause excessive noise and stress on the pump when it 
>gets clogged.  The repair method was to simply remove the screen.  I 
>don't know if the last model 5ks/early 100&200s have this screen as well, 
>but it certainly is much cheaper than a new pump. 

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