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Hydroulic pump blues, kind of long...

To all our esteemed Q listers,
My hydraulic pump developed a  bit of a problem, wierd case of
"irrigation", here are the symptoms:
1. the hydraulic oil in the reservoir is being agitated and bubbles over,
spitting it from the cap,
2. no problem in performance,
3. no problem on idle, only when the RPM is above 2K it starts agitating
4. brake warning light flashing  

Here is what I have done:
1. there is a new hydraulic pres. accumulator, (not related to the above
2. the hid. oil reservoir is clean, including the filter, the feed line to
the bomb (from the bottom of the hid. reservoir) is clean, 
4. replaced the pump (had one around), same sickness, 
5. there is no description of this symptom in the Bentley
6. followed the procedure to check the brake servo (disconnect the top hid.
line from the hid. reservoir and let it drip, drips only a couple of drops
as it should be)
7. I jumped all the warning light sensors (pres. sensor unplugged, hyd.
reservoir and brake reservoir sending unit disconnected, still brake light

 My guess is someway I am sucking air that is causing the "irrigation
effect", so far I don't know where, I will check all the hyd. lines and
we'll see.
Any suggestions are welcome,

Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq
I am not always the devil's advocate, but never one to miss an