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Mystery Oil

Dear Audiphiles,
I'm a new owner of '86 4KCSQ ( &thanks to all who've advised on this )
I've recently added gas treatment and Marvel Mystery Oil to my gas
because I thought that the fuel pump was rather loud. Also figured that
in the Spring I'd fix the mounts that I imagine are there to isolate the
vibration & reduce noise. 
After reading recent posts on buzzing fuel pumps however I'm wondering
if this is a failing unit.
But really my primary question is - what the heck is MMystery Oil?
I've used it intermittently for years in gas & oil whenever I've felt
that the situation required a little extra magic.  But must admit- I use
it like a witchdoctor. Don't really  know a darned thing about it.
Supposedly- if it burns the residue is a lubricant?
How 'bout CRC56 and WD-40- is overspray bad for rubber?
Whadaya say?

Dennis O'Malley  
1978 BMW 7.3.3 4sp-Stick +/- 200,000mi
1986 4000csQ - 5sp Stick- 113,000mi