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Re: I want more bass

>I'm an owner of a A6 wagon and have one problem: No bass coming from the
>I therefore want to replace at least the front speakers with some higher
>quality material.
>Is there anyone that already have done this and could tell me about your
>What kind of speakers did you replace them with and was there a
>I would like to keep the costs down a bit and not make any bigger
>operations with the door.
>Please help me!
>I also have a small poblem to remove the interior of the back doors.
>Windows are brought up/down manually and not electric. It is like I can't
>find the last screw anywhere.
>Tom Westberg


I'd like to suggest that you consider adding a modest subwoofer instead of
trying to replace the speakers.  Bass is more a function of power and air
displacement than speaker cone material and I'm afraid you will put a great
deal of time into upgrading speakers with little result. A powered
subwoofer may be both cheaper and simpler to install.  Try finding one that
will fit under the front seat, or in a quarter storage bin.  All you'll
need for wiring is a power lead and a speaker wire tap.  Just a thought....

Doug Miller
97A6Q Wagon, 93 LandCruiser w/diff locks (and well used skidplates), 71
LeMans Sport V8 Convertible. Cannondale Super V 900 Comp.