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Re: Ur-Q wheels/Tyres

Im following with interest Jeffrey and Glenn's comments on ur-q
wheel/tyre sizes..:)

Glenn says his 35mm offset 16x8s are a tight but ok fit on the
inside..and we know the standard 24mm offset 8 inch rim will fit on the
outside provided the fenders are rolled enough...

Seems to indicate that on a 85 car or a car with the fenders rolled
properly we might even squeeze a 9 inch rim and appropriate tyre in
there by keeping things close on both sides.

I'm just about to purchase a new set of rims/tyres for my 85 ur-q and
keen to get the biggest combination in there...any comments, btdt's on
9 inch rims?

Also a question for Jeffrey..I see you are running those 215/45/17's at
the moment ...any clearance probs with the larger diameter?..I think you
said your car had chopped springs?...The standard diameter is small by
modern sports car standards and Im thinking a slighly bigger combination
might look a litttle better and the gearing change would be compensated
for by engine mods for more torque.

Steve Adams