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Re: quattro-digest V4 #201ODODODOCBraking probs with a4

I was wondering if any a4 owners out there have had a problems with warped
rotors.  I have a 97 with 3500 miles and when I brake at 70 - 80 mph there
is a vibration in the car.  Once I let the car sit an airport for a week,
when I came back the brakes were stuck and it took some gas to free them up,
I think this is when the vibration started.  I hope that the warranty covers
this as it should.  ALso when the car has sit for a day or so it sounds
likle there is grinding comming from the rear brakes, it could be rust on
the rotors but I dont have this occur in any other of my cars which are all
european as well.
Hopefully this is only a minor glitch in my a4.  ANy info would be