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Myth and Mystery Oil

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Avi Meron writes on Sun, 2 Feb 1997 09:17:47 -0800:

>I added a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil to my regular (Castrol Syntec)
>motor oil last time I chaged it. 

>>Way "over Kill" if you are using synthetic oil you don't need any
>>ADDITIONAL additives, the "marvel" formula has a detergent effect
>>that you don't need (since your ''synthetic" is taking care of it).


What are you talking about?  FWIW, I have been using MMO for five years,
with apparently no detriment, but with less lifter noise, increased mpg
and less oil breakdown.  Several years ago (running Mobil One all the
time) my mechanic and I looked at the difference between using MMO and
not using it.  All aforementioned factors were "better" with MMO.  I do
not see anywhere on the MMO label that mentions any compound that
resembles "detergents" (whether by composition or purpose), and think
that while some may call it "snake" oil, others actually have seen
results (not just opinions).

fOrMeR qCuSa #356
'90 80Q