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Fender Bender advice.

Hi all,
   There I was in the shopping plaza parking lot. It's dark and the sky is
spitting mixed rain and snow. I put her into Reverse and back out, only to hear
the worst sound imaginable.. a metallic CRUNCH!
   I pull back into my spot.. get out to see what the heck I hit. Turns out
that this middle aged woman had parked her dark blue Volvo 240 wagon directly
behind my car, against the plaza sidewalk. The road inbetween the parking spots
and the sidewalk was very narrow. 
   I had backed my Q, neatly pushing my bumper into her driver side rear
quarter panel, right where the bumper meets the sheet metal. The damage didn't
look too bad to her car, and there wasn't a scratch on mine. I tried to get a
close look at the damage on her Volvo, and it didn't look as if the paint had
been perforated.  
   My second reaction (after the expected profane exclaimation) upon seeing the
damage was.. "Hey.. this is a Volvo. They are supposed to be tanks. What's up
with that!??"
   Out comes the owner from the beauty salon. She seemed completely unconcerned
about the accident, and had lost her purse in the salon and didn't have any
I.D. on her. She seemed very flustered about the purse, and hadn't a clue as to
what to do about the damage to her car. We exchanged names and phone numbers
and I told her to call me.
   Now: I could have easily just driven off from the accident. I could have
given her a fake name and phone number. HOWEVER, I didn't. Both thoughts
crossed my head, especially when I saw how clueless this lady seemed.. but I
gave her my authentic name and phone number. I'm the type of person who doesn't
do those sorts of things to people.
   I asked her where she goes to get things fixed on her car. She said the

   What are my options here? She hasn't called me back yet, but I'm
anticipating a phone call in the next day or two, and her husband expecting me
to shell out a couple hundred bucks to fix the Volvo. 
   No police were called so there is no accident report. I happened to have two
people in my car to refer to as witnesses if needed. Neither of us have
(ahem) contacted our insurance companies as of yet. 

   Any ideas? Granted, I did hit a parked car. However it was an illegally
parked car that was invisible to my eyes. This is the first accident I've ever
had, so I'm a little inexperienced in this department. I feel responsible, but
I think that she should shoulder some of the responsibility as well. 

Thanks for any advice! 

                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (150K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY