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Re: Help-cig lighter

On  2 Feb 97 at 18:01, KLeeds wrote:

> Date:          Sun, 02 Feb 1997 18:01:41 -0700
> From:          KLeeds <kerry.griffith@m.k12.ut.us>
> Reply-to:      kerry.griffith@m.k12.ut.us
> Organization:  tmms
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       Help-cig lighter

> OK, people- I'm in deep yogurt! My wife's 80q has a cig lighter w/no
> power. I assume it isn't the fuse, since the other stuff on the

Other stuff is the interior lights and the trunk light.

> lighter fuse works. I don't know what to do from here, but my wife
> is convinced I'd have diagnosed & repaired it long ago if it were my
> car! Please help! BTW, even though she uses said power source for
> her phone instead of her detector, I suppose she deserves help . . .
>  TIA.

According to Bentley a Red/Black wire runs from fuse 4 (15A) to the
lighter.  A single Brown wire runs to a grounding junction deep in
the wiring harness.  

Check for voltage at the connector at the back of the lighter.  Also 
check for a ground on the other wire.  

Sometimes the lighters get dirty, and won't make a connection.  If 
the voltage checks, try cleaning the lighter contacts - Try using a 
pencil eraser or sand paper (The eraser is much easier).

On mine, getting a plug to stay in requires a shim.  Fold a business 
card in half, and roll it around the plug.

Allan D. Morris
Phoenix, AZ
1988 90Q