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Touring Car Racing and Minivans

	I read in Autoweek Audi is slated to join the NATCC in mid season this
year with one of last year's A4s.
	On a different subject, I read in the new Car magazine (British mag) that
Peugot entered the Belgian Touring Car series in an 806. For those not
familiar with Peugot the 806 is a minivan. They race 406 sedans and simply
outfitted an 806 with the touring car equipment. They say it did rather
well, but unfortunately did not finish the race. The rule writers outlawed
the car by the next race but it made for great press releases. Imagine
that, a minivan touring series. Soccer moms of the world unite! Still the
pictures are hilarious. What a cool concept to promote a minivan. If Audi
had an A5 ready for market, imagine Audi making it's inaugural debut in the
North American Touring Car Series with an A4 sedan and an A5 short
wheelbase minivan. I have a hard time believing that a big silver minivan
with red quad rings up the side would not make atleast one auto magazine
cover. That's the way to release a minivan by a German company in the US.
Heck, just showing it at autoshows would drum in alot of press.