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Re: Ur-Q wheels/Tyres

Steve Adams wrote:
> Glenn says his 35mm offset 16x8s ...ok fit
> ...standard 24mm offset 8 inch rim will fit...
> ...might even squeeze a 9 inch rim...
> Not sure but didn't the Sport ur-q come with 9 inch rims?

I don't think it will fit.

If the  35mm is as close as you can go inside...it is
and the 24mm is as close as you can go outside...w/o fender flares
then, with an 8inch wheel, you only have 35 - 24 = 11mm of open space.

9inch - 8inch = 1inch = 25.4mm > 11mm, sorry.

Ivor told me he had in stock fender flares so that I could run 10inch
wheels on my urq. If you need a paint job anyway, and want to run as
wide as possible, give him a call:

Yes, the SportQs came with 9inch wheels, I wonder how much a current
owner would want to part with those baby's. Better to have HRE or Fiske
or Hart build you some specials.