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Re: Yeah right! (was: Love those Mustangs)

Michael Bshara writes:
> I was browsing the Audi net (for some unknown reason) when I stumbled 
> upon your letter.  As a proud blue oval owner I must ask if it ever occurred 
> to you that perhaps your pal in the mustang would have ate that A4Q for 

Doesn't matter how much power he has if he can't lay it all down, now does
it?  My point was that while there was plenty of power there, there was
little finess.  We were sticking to the ground like it was adhesive, and
he was fishtailing.

> lunch if he'd even have considered giving you the time of day. Sorry, but 

I would say that he was TRYING to give me the time of day, once we got into
the straight road, he blew by me.  However, I doubt he could have made up
the 6 car lengths I gained on him in the corner, before we hit the next
corner.  As a friend of mine so likes to say:  "Anyone can go fast in a
straight line."

> an Audi can't play in the same league with Ford Motorsport SVO.  Ever 
> been bit by a Cobra......gotta catch one first! 

This was no cobra.  But what use would it be to compare an A4 to a cobra?
Wouldn't that be more like comparing the cobra to the RS2?  I bet that
would be a pretty even match, and if I were to put down money it would
be on the RS2.  I'd just love to see an Audi station wagon best a cobra.

Now, for an apples to apples comparison, the 5L mustang only puts out
220HP?  I'd say my A4 is definitely in the same league with 185HP.  If
you want to talk drag-strip, I'm sure the Mustang will do just fine.
If you want to talk actual road conditions, I'm quite happy with my

Again, my point was not that the A4 is faster than ANY mustangs, it was
that except in the straight, this mustang just couldn't keep up.  Oh, and
I forgot to mention in my article that when the Mustang DID pass me,
it looked like this big chunk fell off it.  It was probably just something
in the road that it kicked up, but it was quite an amusing thought...

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